Australia Resources for Kids

In preparation for Australia Day (January 26), I will be sharing lots of resources throughout the month to help teach kids about “the land down under.”

Let’s Get Organized…

  • Gather a variety of books (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, folktales, biographies, etc.).  Here are just some of my favorites.
  • Create a folder of bookmarked websites for children to explore.  Be sure to preview everything first.  Check these out:

Australia’s National Anthem          Australian Landmarks

National Geographic Kids          Time For Kids

Kids-World-Travel-Guide          Cool Kid Facts

Mem Fox          Great Barrier Reef video

Australian Flag          Australian Animals

Australian Recipes          Crafts & Printables

Children’s Games          FREE Australian Animal Photographs

  • Display artifacts.  Music, art, clothing, photographs, etc. may be available for checkout from your local library or District Media Center.
  • Schedule guest speakers.  Find a native Aussie or someone who has traveled to Australia to come talk to your students.

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