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Children Around the World

A Gift From Abuela: Book Review & Activities

A Gift from Abuela

Enjoy a story that will warm your heart, a treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth, and a craft that will introduce you to Mexican culture. A Gift From Abuela, a children’s book written and illustrated by Cecilia Ruiz, is a personal story reminding us that it is our dearest relationships that will get us…

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Teach Us Your Name: Book Review & Activities

Teach Us Your Name

Teach Us Your Name is a children’s book bringing awareness to the importance of respecting everyone’s name, empowering kids to teach others about their name, and encouraging a positive classroom culture that values diversity. It is a book that belongs in every classroom! “Everyone has a name and every name has a story.” – Huda Essa,…

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Celebrate the Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. Through Song

Martin Luther King Through Song

Add a musical note to your celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. with I Have a Dream, a multicultural children’s music CD by award-winning performer DARIA. The album is framed around the civil rights leader’s message of looking to peoples’ hearts and not to the external trappings of race, religion or language. * Enter for…

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Growing Global: Resources Ages 0-5

Growing Global Resources for Ages 0-5

Raising children to become responsible and caring citizens of the world begins at birth. Books, music, and food are fun ways to introduce other cultures and inspire curiosity about the world while developing important skills. Growing Global: Resources Ages 0-5 features quality products and resources that help feed the mind, soul, and tummies of our tiniest global citizens. (It’s a…

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The Saint Nicholas Day Snow: Book Review & Free Printable

St. Nicholas Day Snow

The Saint Nicholas Day Snow: Book Review & Free Printable Award-winning author Charlotte Riggle and illustrator R.J. Hughes have teamed up for another holiday children’s book that is both touching and informative. The Saint Nicholas Day Snow is a story about family, friendship, and the St. Nicholas Day traditions of two friends – with interesting historical facts of…

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4 Ways to Introduce Global Learning Into a Classroom

Global Learning in the Elementary Classroom

Hello! My name is Becky Morales, and I am an ESL and Spanish teacher and mom to five kiddos through adoption and birth. Our family is somewhat unique because we have such a mixture of cultures in our house (Mexican, Chinese, Ethiopian, African-American, white). When my kids were little, I looked for simple ways to…

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Global Learning in the Elementary Classroom

Global Learning in the Elementary Classroom-2

Global Learning in the Elementary Classroom is a mini-series designed to provide educators with quality resources to teach their students about world geography and cultures. With the help of some great global educators, we are featuring information, ideas, and resources to teach our youngest learners about the diverse world we all share. Kicking off the series is an introduction to…

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Come See the World with Joy!

Joy Sun Bear - Global Learning Series

We recently had the opportunity to interview the creators of one of our favorite sites for global learning, Joy Sun Bear. We even got Joy to answer a few questions himself! Get ready to discover the world, different cultures and diversity through this educational and fun global learning website featuring a kind and adventurous sun bear.…

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A China Odyssey


A China Odyssey is a guest post by Jennifer DeCristoforo, the author of Lucky Bamboo Book of Crafts.   I’m so pleased to be invited to do a guest post for Globe Trottin’ Kids. For many years I have devoted a big part of my life helping to grow world citizens, so I’m incredibly inspired…

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