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Orthodox Easter Traditions

Orthodox Christians in Greece, Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and other countries around the world celebrate Pascha (Easter) with church services, decorating eggs, playing games and eating traditional foods are typical parts of the celebration. The Eggs Decorated eggs are an important part of the Orthodox Easter tradition. In Greece, the hard-boiled eggs are dyed a bright red. Romanians paint hollowed-out eggs in traditional…

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Catherine’s Pascha: A Book Review & Printable

Catherine’s Pascha – A Book Review & Printable As an American married to a Greek, I have been celebrating Pascha (Easter) for many years.  We raised our children to learn about both of our Easter traditions – from the Easter Bunny and chocolate eggs to flying kites and dying red eggs; from Easter egg hunts and baked ham…

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The annual Greek Festival in Denver, Colorado has been bringing people together to enjoy Greek art, dancing, music, and food for more than 50 years. My husband was born and raised in Greece, and this is a fun, local way to connect with his culture. I always enjoy listening to the live music, particularly the bouzouki – the…

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