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Global Learning Resources

Read Your World: Let’s Celebrate Ramadan & Eid!

Celebrate Ramadan

Ramadan (ruh-maa-daan) is a festival of fasting, prayer and service celebrated by Muslims all over the world. Eid (eed) is the the day after Ramadan ends and includes its own traditions for celebrating. Introduce kids to the meaning behind the festivals and discover the cultural traditions of each through this beautiful children’s book by Ajanta and…

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A Gift From Abuela: Book Review & Activities

A Gift from Abuela

Enjoy a story that will warm your heart, a treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth, and a craft that will introduce you to Mexican culture. A Gift From Abuela, a children’s book written and illustrated by Cecilia Ruiz, is a personal story reminding us that it is our dearest relationships that will get us…

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Teach Us Your Name: Book Review & Activities

Teach Us Your Name

Teach Us Your Name is a children’s book bringing awareness to the importance of respecting everyone’s name, empowering kids to teach others about their name, and encouraging a positive classroom culture that values diversity. It is a book that belongs in every classroom! “Everyone has a name and every name has a story.” – Huda Essa,…

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Celebrate the Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. Through Song

Martin Luther King Through Song

Add a musical note to your celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. with I Have a Dream, a multicultural children’s music CD by award-winning performer DARIA. The album is framed around the civil rights leader’s message of looking to peoples’ hearts and not to the external trappings of race, religion or language. * Enter for…

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Growing Global: Resources Ages 0-5

Growing Global Resources for Ages 0-5

Raising children to become responsible and caring citizens of the world begins at birth. Books, music, and food are fun ways to introduce other cultures and inspire curiosity about the world while developing important skills. Growing Global: Resources Ages 0-5 features quality products and resources that help feed the mind, soul, and tummies of our tiniest global citizens. (It’s a…

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Pysanky: Ukrainian Easter Eggs


What are Pysanky? Pysanky are Easter eggs, decorated with traditional Ukrainian folk art using a wax-resist method. Its name comes from the word “pysaty,” which means “to write.” Pysanka (PIH-san-kah) is the singular form, and pysanky (pih-san-KIH) is the plural form. The designs are created with a kistka, a special stylus that holds liquid wax. The wax is applied to the egg,…

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The Cloud Artist: A Choctaw Tale Book Review & Activities

Cloud Artist Book Review and Activities

Gazing at the clouds – watching them move, shift, and create beautiful art in the sky. Many of us have experienced this, but what we haven’t experienced is being able to create the art. That special gift belongs to the Choctaw*, shared in the Native American tale The Cloud Artist. The Cloud Artist (Hoshonti Holbvttoba Inchunli) is a bilingual…

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Walking the Walk: Creating Meaningful Ways to Teach Multiculturalism at Home

Walking the Walk: Creating Meaningful Ways to Teach Multiculturalism at Home

We’re happy to welcome back guest blogger Lisa Heintz from Little Songbird: Songs for Learning. Lisa recently participated in our Global Learning Miniseries. Her post, Sharing Many Cultures in the Elementary Classroom, provides educators with information and resources for creating a safe, inclusive, multicultural learning environment.  Walking the Walk: Creating Meaningful Ways to Teach Multiculturalism at Home provides parents…

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Global Learning Resources – for Kids

Global Learning Resources for Kids

It’s been a great week collaborating with other global educators for our Global Learning in the Elementary Classroom miniseries. We featured information, resources, and activities to teach our youngest learners about world geography and cultures. To conclude this series, we’re sharing a round-up of resources for kids to use as they explore and learn about the world. Global Learning Resources – for Kids…

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4 Ways to Introduce Global Learning Into a Classroom

Global Learning in the Elementary Classroom

Hello! My name is Becky Morales, and I am an ESL and Spanish teacher and mom to five kiddos through adoption and birth. Our family is somewhat unique because we have such a mixture of cultures in our house (Mexican, Chinese, Ethiopian, African-American, white). When my kids were little, I looked for simple ways to…

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