Multicultural Calendar Cards

Are you looking for ways to bring world geography and cultural awareness into your home or classroom?  Globe Trottin’ Kids Calendar Cards provide interesting facts about our diverse world every day of the year.  Topics include countries, continents, world landmarks, holidays, people, traditions, food, sports, games and more.

Download the November Freebie and try them out!  Slide01

Ideas for using GTK Calendar Cards

  • Print the cards.  Store each month’s cards in labeled baggies or envelopes.IMG_0076
  • Look ahead at the topics for the week and gather supplemental print and internet resources to enrich the discussion.  YouTube clips are excellent, but be sure to preview them first.
  • Have a student read the card during calendar time, Morning Meeting, at the end of the day, or any time that you have the class gathered together.  Use a world map or a globe to identify the location of the card’s topic.
  • Further research into any of the topics is encouraged.  Students can prepare presentations to share what they learn with their classmates.
  • “Flags of the World” cards are located between the months.  Discover and discuss the meaning of the colors and symbols used on the flags.  A helpful resource to bookmark is flagpedia.

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