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Global Family Reunion

Today is the Global Family Reunion – an event to celebrate our “interconnectedness” and to help in the fight against Alzheimer’s. AJ Jacobs, editor at large for Esquire, got the idea for the celebration after learning about the advances in genealogy that are proving how interrelated we all are.  A group of researchers are in…

Teach Diversity

My passion for this topic is based in my belief that by teaching children about diversity, and modeling tolerance and acceptance, our world will be a better place. Bring the world into your home and your classroom.  Celebrate the similarities and differences our beautiful world has to offer!  Some ideas to get you started: Use a globe…

Hola ~ CIAO ~ Guten Tag ~ BONJOUR ~ Ola ~ HALO ~ Konnichiwa ~ JAMBO ~ Hej ~ NAMASTE ~ Sawubona

Hello!  It is my pleasure to welcome you to Globe Trottin’ Kids – a place for teachers and parents to find resources for teaching children about world geography and culture. One of my goals as a mom and an educator is to provide daily opportunities for learning about our diverse world.  It is so important for kids to…