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Ela's World

Meet Ela, a curious young elephant living in the zoo and dreaming of becoming an explorer when she grows up. Ela is anxious to travel the world, meet different people, and speak new languages (a true Globe Trottin’ Kid!). Join a unique global adventure in Ela’s World, a picture book with words by Laura Caputo-Wickham…

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South Africa printables

Kids will love exploring the beautiful country of South Africa and creating a book or a poster to share what they learned. Materials a poster board or sheets of paper stapled together glue or tape printables (free download) South Africa Country Profile library books about South Africa National Geographic Kids Kids World Travel Guide 100 Best Things…

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Australia Research Project

Australia Country Research Project Engage children in a variety of interactive activities as they research the geography and culture of Australia. Students work independently, with a partner, or in a small group to research Australia using classroom books and websites (including ours!).  They complete a variety of activities to create a fun, interactive final presentation – …

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