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Fifty easy-to-follow activity cards in 5 engaging categories invite children to learn not just the basics of gardening, but also new ways of looking at nature. Creative games, nature-themed crafts and unique experiments are enhanced by colorful collage artwork on each double-sided card. Kid-friendly explanations of the history and science behind each activity make this product a valuable multi-layered educational resource. Includes an 8-page booklet that contains information on gardening tools, year-round plant care and garden safety.

Our Global Picks

Barefoot Book of Children

Start important conversations about diversity, inclusivity, and acceptance with a timely and timeless book that celebrates the big ideas and the everyday moments that reveal our common humanity. 

World Atlas Sticker Book

The 450+ reusable stickers in this oversized, 32-page collection guide children on a fact-packed journey around the world, teaching them about each region’s people, plants, animals and landmarks. 


Global Kids

With its sturdy and flexible deck format, Global Kids offers educators, librarians, parents, and caregivers an interactive, powerful resource for raising the next generation of global citizens. 


The Barefoot Book of Earth Tales

Packed with 7 hands-on activities, this gorgeous anthology of traditional tales from around the world promotes a sustainable lifestyle and keeps kids busy! 


The Barefoot Book of Earth Poems

Spark the love of language with this collection of over 30 classic and contemporary nature poems from around the globe. Scratchboard illustrations by Caldecott Medal winner Beth Krommes showcase landscapes from every continent. 

The Barefoot Book of Animal Tales

With these 9 traditional tales from cultures around the world, you’ll meet King Gull, the musicians of Bremen and other extraordinary animals. Plus, you’ll learn about the power of community, see the power of bravery and explore the importance of caring for the planet. 

Let's Celebrate! Special Days Around the World

Experience 13 special days from cultures around the world! Rhyming text and vibrant illustrations throughout encourage beginning readers, while educational notes at the end brim with facts about the special days for older children to explore. 

World of Dance

This global collection of 8 tales will enchant young dancers, introducing them to waltz, Noh dancing, limbo, flamenco, polka, belly dancing, Scottish reels and Malian dance through the stories. Eight pages of illustrated endnotes explain the steps for each of the dances.

Tales of Wisdom and Wonder

This award-winning collection of 7 traditional tales from around the world show that things are not always how they seem. Beautifully captured by Niamh Sharkey’s quirky and perceptive illustrations, these tales have all of the color and vigor of the countries and cultures they represent.

African Tales

8 traditional tales from 8 different African nations with a fact-filled introduction to each story about the country it comes from to boost young readers' reading comprehension, global awareness, and geography knowledge. 

Indian Tales

Discover India's incredible diversity with these 8 folktales, each from a different Indian state! Learn more about each state's history, geography, and culture with the notes that introduce each story. 

Jewish Tales

Glowing illustrations light up this collection of 8 Jewish folk tales - one for each day of Hanukkah! The stories are accompanied by helpful notes on symbolism and on translations of the Hebrew names. 

Children of the World Memory Game

Encourage memory and matching skills with a memory game featuring adorable children from around the world. The object of the game is to match the boy and girl pairs according to the traditional dress, country name and color featured on each card.

Cities of the World Memory Game

Sharpen your memory skills, discover some of the world's greatest buildings and boost global literacy! Match the pairs of landmarks and learn the city and country where the landmark can be found. 

Map of the World Puzzle To Go

Packaged in a travel-friendly drawstring pouch, this 36-piece puzzle features a colorful map that includes illustrations of animals native to each of the 7 continents.