Mexico gained its independence from Spain in 1821.  Ancient ruins and Spanish colonial-era towns are scattered throughout the country. Mexico is known for its beaches and its diverse landscape of mountains, deserts, and jungles.

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Children’s Day Celebrations

By Julie Yeros | May 2, 2016

National Children’s Days are observed on various days throughout the year in countries all around the world.  The day is devoted to celebrating the health and happiness of all children. Japan and South Korea will be celebrating Children’s Day on May 5, the fifth day of the fifth month. Kodomo No Hi is a national holiday in Japan.  Colorful streamers called koinobori are popular symbols…

La Noche de los Rábanos/The Night of the Radishes

By Julie Yeros | December 21, 2015

La Noche de los Rabanos, The Night of the Radishes, begins at sunset on December 23 in Oaxaca, Mexico.   Radish carvings and sculptures representing animals, saints, dancers, cathedrals, and more are displayed.  The winner of the best carved radish wins 12,000 pesos and their picture in the morning paper.  Fireworks, parades, craft booths, and…