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Explore the places, people, and animals that make our world unique.     

Read about current events, listen to world music, and find collections           of stories from around the globe.


Travel with a sun bear cub named Joy, and learn about countries around the world.

Click on a country to learn about its people, culture, history and more.

Create a travel itinerary and document your discoveries in an online "travel journal."

Learn interesting facts from a variety of countries.


Type in a city to explore, and enjoy panorama photos created by HD virtual reality photographers around the world.


Visit Anne Frank’s hiding place in 3D, and get to know the stories behind her diary.

People, Animals & More

Learn about kids' lives in other countries, including facts about school, play, and family.

Read biographies about famous writers, politicians, humanitarians, actors, artists and more.


     Articles, pictures, and facts about our natural world.

Search animals by category and region. Great for research projects!


     Discover artwork, collections and stories from around the world.

World Music

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