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Grade Level(s): 4-5

Resource Type: Literacy Activities

Total Pages: 70

Answer Key: for Warm-Ups only

File Type: PDF

Introduce students to 7 forms of poetry from around the world.
Exploring poetic traditions from different countries provides an opportunity for understanding and appreciating various cultures. It celebrates our diversity while reminding us of our human connection.
Take a journey to each continent to learn about a specific form of poetry.
Each one includes:
  • an original Globe Trottin’ Kids example poem
  • a brief introduction to the poetry form – and ideas for further exploration
  • a warm-up activity for reviewing important skills
  • a prewriting planner for brainstorming and organizing
  • final copy paper choices for writing and illustrating original poems to share and keep
Kennings Poem (Europe)
Warm-Up: Identifying Kennings
Lantern Poem (Asia)
Warm-Up: Nouns, Adjectives & Verbs
Warm-Up: Syllables
Bush Ballad (Australia)
Warm-Up: Rural vs. Urban
Warm-Up: Australian Slang
Praise Poem (Africa)
Warm-Up: Similes & Metaphors
Acrostic Poem (Antarctica)
Warm-Up: Fact or Opinion
Trova Poem (South America)
Warm-Up: Rhyme Time
Viator Poem (North America)
Warm-Up: Word Play
Warm-Up Answer Keys are included.

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