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poetry writing unit

Grade Level(s): 4-5

Resource Type: Literacy Activities

Total Pages: 70

Answer Key: for Warm-Ups only

File Type: PDF

This no-prep poetry writing unit showcases seven diverse forms of poetry, each representing a different corner of the globe:

Europe: Embark on a linguistic adventure with KENNINGS POEMS.

Asia: Illuminate your imagination with LANTERN POEMS.

Australia: Ride the rhythm of the Outback with BUSH BALLADS.

Africa: Celebrate the richness of oral tradition with PRAISE POEMS.

Antarctica: Chill out with ACROSTIC POEMS.

South America: Dance to the tempo of TROVA POEMS.

North America: Traverse the literary landscapes with VIATOR POEMS.

Each poetry form is accompanied by:

  • Introduction: A brief overview of the poetic style, offering insights into its cultural origins and unique characteristics.
  • Example Poem: Delight in an original Globe Trottin’ Kids poem, serving as an example and inspiration for young poets.
  • Warm-up Activity: Prepare budding wordsmiths with fun exercises designed to sharpen essential skills, from syllable counting to metaphor identification.
  • Pre-writing Planner: Empower students to organize their thoughts and unleash their creativity with handy brainstorming tools.
  • Final Copy Paper Choices: Provide a canvas for literary expression with a variety of writing and illustration templates, allowing students to craft and share their own masterpieces.

Flexible and adaptable, Poetry Around the World can be integrated into your curriculum at any time. Whether you choose to explore one continent at a time or spread the poetic voyage throughout the year, this resource promises an enriching blend of geography, language arts, and cultural appreciation.

Enhance your exploration with our companion geography website, where students can embark on virtual adventures to discover the wonders of countries around the world. Begin your journey on our Home Page and let the exploration begin!

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