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Hanukkah is the 8-day Jewish "festival of lights," celebrating a victory over foreign rulers by sharing food, games, gifts, and lighting the menorah. December 7-15, 2023. Click here for information…

Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day is observed every year on December 10 - the day (in 1948) the United Nations adopted the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights."  Click HERE for information and…

St. Lucia’s Day

St. Lucia's Day is a festival of lights celebrated in Sweden, Norway, and the Swedish-speaking areas of Finland on December 13 in honour of St. Lucia (St. Lucy).

Wright Brothers Day

On December 17, 1903, the Wright brothers took their first successful flight in North Carolina. Every year on this day, Americans celebrate Wright Brothers Day to honor their contributions to aviation.

December Solstice

Today is the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. It is the shortest day of the year. In the Southern Hemisphere it is the summer solstice - the longest day…

La Noche de los Rábanos, Mexico

La Noche de los Rábanos, or The Night of the Radishes, is an annual tradition in Oaxaca, Mexico for carving festive radishes during the Christmas season. Click here for information.

Las Posadas

Las Posadas, ("The Inns" in Spanish) is a religious festival celebrated mainly in Latin America, Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba, and by Hispanics in the United States, beginning December 16 and ending December…


Christmas is a Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Traditions vary around the globe.

Boxing Day

Boxing Day is a holiday celebrated on the day after Christmas Day. It is celebrated in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong and South Africa. Originally it…


Kwanzaa is an annual holiday, celebrated primarily in the United States, affirming African family and social values. It takes place through January 1.