La Noche de los Rábanos/The Night of the Radishes

La Noche de los Rabanos, The Night of the Radishes, begins at sunset on December 23 in Oaxaca, Mexico.



Radish carvings and sculptures representing animals, saints, dancers, cathedrals, and more are displayed.  The winner of the best carved radish wins 12,000 pesos and their picture in the morning paper.  Fireworks, parades, craft booths, and dancers are also a part of the annual festival.


Photo Credit:  Drew Leavy, Flikr

The Spanish brought radishes to Mexico in the 16th century.  They  grow in thick, long, contorted shapes and are not meant to be eaten.  The radishes can measure up to 2 feet in length and weigh up to 10 pounds each.







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