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Grade Level(s): 2-5
Resource Type: Crafts
Total Pages: 61
File Type: PDF

Teach kids about different cultures and traditions with these 13 fun and educational crafts from around the world.

With Multicultural Crafts, students explore global cultures and create beautiful art that celebrates diversity. Perfect for the whole year!


India: Gond Art (drawing & coloring)

Panama: Mola (paper cutting)

Turkey: Ebru (paper marbling)

Mexico: Huichol Yarn Art (yarn “painting”)

Ghana: Adinkra Cloth (stamping)

New Zealand: Māori Koru (drawing, oil pastels)

Bulgaria: Martenitsa (yarn art for March 1 holiday)

Tanzania: Tinga Tinga (African animal painting)

South Africa: Ndebele Houses (geometric drawing, constructing)

Indonesia: Batik (textile dying)

Korea: Sam Taeguk (harmony fan)

England: Paper Beads (magazine upcycling)

Japan: Koinobori (carp windsock for Children’s Day on May 5) TRY FOR FREE!

Every craft project includes:

  • Overview Page – a brief description of the craft and examples to observe and discuss.
  • Educator Notes – tips, ideas for further exploration, helpful links*, and suggested books to support the craft.
  • Instruction Card – lists the materials needed and step-by-step directions with photographs.

*Helpful Links: These are carefully curated support materials on the Internet. They are not necessary to complete the craft but are helpful in understanding the process and culture. Be sure to preview the materials before sharing them with your students.

Please note these are not formal art lessons.

They are crafts. We invite and encourage individuality.

Have fun!

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Crafting is a fun and engaging way to teach kids about different cultures and their traditions. They provide a hands-on, experiential learning experience that engages children’s senses and imaginations. Through crafts, children can explore different materials, colors, textures, and shapes that are unique to specific cultures. They can also learn about the traditional art forms, symbols, and motifs that are significant in these cultures.

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