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The Name Jar

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Grade Levels: 1-3
Resource Type: Book Companion
Total Pages: 25
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File Type: PDF

Explore world geography, develop cultural awareness, and discuss important topics while practicing reading and writing skills.

Using the mentor text, The Name Jar by Yangsook Choi, students will gain an appreciation for the many challenges children face when arriving at a new school, in a new country.

The Name Jar

Unhei, a young girl from Korea, faces many challenges when she moves to a new culture – including what to do about her name. Unhei’s new American classmates have difficulty pronouncing and understanding her Korean name, making her think she should choose a new one. Ultimately, Unhei learns to embrace her own name and shares it, its meaning, and her Korean culture with her new friends.

Our Book Companion includes

– discussion guides for before, during and after reading

– an interactive tool to keep students engaged and connected to the main character’s feelings throughout the story (“Feelings Finder” wheel)

– a worksheet to explore our own feelings and the feelings of the main character

– an introduction to Hangul, the official writing system of Korea

– a comprehension crossword puzzle (with and without a word bank)

– fun with emojis

– an assignment for home to learn about our own names – and to create a class wall display

– a Read Your World map and key for tracking your global reading adventures all year

The Name Jar

The Name Jar