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Add a multicultural perspective to your back to school read alouds with these three books and our engaging free activities!

Share school experiences of children around the world, develop students’ geographic and cultural awareness, and build a caring and welcoming classroom community.

3 Multicultural Books for Back to School

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Multicultural Books for Back to School

It’s Back to School We Go! First Day Stories From Around the World

Children from 11 different countries share what the first day of school is like for them. Each two-page spread includes a first-person account of a child’s first day at school and general facts about children in that country.

Students enjoy identifying the many similarities with their peers around the world and learning about some of the differences that make our experiences unique.

It's Back to School We Go

Our post includes a video-reading of the book with traditional background music for each country (from Teacher Tube, approx. 16.5 minutes), discussion guide and links to related books and photos about going back to school.

*Recommendation: Share this book over several days, as there is a lot of information to cover (and a lot of fun discussion you should allow time for).

This is the Way We Go to School 

While children all over the world go to school, the way they get there can be very different. Commutes to school vary depending on where you live and the resources that are available.

This book shares some of the different ways kids head to school including a ferry, trolley car, bus and helicopter!

This is the Way We Go to School

Our post includes a brief video showing some different (and sometimes dangerous) ways that children around the world go to school – illustrating the sheer determination they have just to get an education (another great discussion to have!).

And be sure to download our FREE lesson plan with geography, writing and class graphing activities.

Teach Us Your Name

“Everyone has a name and every name has a story.” – Huda Essa, educator and author of Teach Us Your Name.

This story reminds us of the importance of respecting everyone’s name and empowers kids to teach others about their name.

Teach Us Your Name

Our post includes a Supplemental Resource Guide from the author (themes, ideas, and talking points), a pledge for pronouncing students’ names correctly, and a link to learn about first names and their meanings, pronunciation, history and more.

Print our FREE activity to have students teach the class about their name.

Multicultural Books for Back to School

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