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Catch that Goat!

Grade Level(s): K-2

Resource Type: Book Companion (book available separately)

Total Pages: 48

Answer Key: Included

File Type: PDF

Catch That Goat

Catch that Goat!

*book not included

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Catch That Goat! A Market Day in Nigeria by Polly Alakija is the mentor text for this product.

Follow the adventure of a young Yoruba girl searching for her runaway goat and practice important skills through our engaging activities.


Our Book Companion includes

Teacher Notes for Before, During & After Reading

Cross-Curricular Activities

    • Geography: Map of Nigeria
    • Story Elements: Identify the problem and solution
    • Numbers 1-10: Represent numbers with words, pictures, and tally marks
    • Bar Graph: Read and record a set of data
    • Number Puzzles: Match numbers and words (in English and Yoruba)
    • Animals: Discover the Nigerian Dwarf Goat
    • Culture: Share Yoruba language, clothing, and more!

Read Your World Map & Key for exploring diverse books all year

Answer Keys

Catch That Goat Preview

Catch That Goat Preview

Look for Catch That Goat! in your local library, on Amazon, and on Barefoot Books.

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