Australia Country Research Project

Our Australia Country Research Project is a great way to launch your study of this island continent!


Students work independently, with a partner, or in a small group to research Australia’s geography and culture using classroom books and websites.  They complete a variety of activities to show what they’ve learned, and glue them into a journal – creating a wonderful artifact to share and keep.


Activities include

  • Maps: (world, continent, country) labeling maps; creating a compass rose and a map key
  • Country stats: recording the population, area, products, and climate
  • Flag: coloring a sample flag; writing a description of what the colors and symbols mean
  • Currency: identifying and coloring a sample coin and bill
  • Language: learning common words/phrases
  • Food: planning a menu for a day
  • Sports: naming sports/activities that are popular
  • Animals: identifying, then classifying by group
  • Clothing: illustrating (or constructing) traditional clothing on paper dolls
  • Famous People: identifying individuals and their achievement(s)
  • Holidays: describing the traditions of several holidays






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