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Pow Wow Day Book Review & Activities

Powwow Day Ages: 4 – 8 Page Count: 32 “Everyone dances in and moves around the circle, all connected to the drum, Mother Earth, and one another.“ Powwow Day combines a heartwarming story by Traci Sorell (Cherokee) with beautiful illustrations by Madelyn Goodnight (Chickasaw) to celebrate the healing power of community at an annual tribal…

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Try 5 Free Mindfulness Activities in Your Elementary Classroom

Students are taught strategies for comprehending reading and solving math problems, but teaching them strategies for practicing mindfulness isn’t typical in most classrooms. It should be. Children are experiencing anxiety and stress like never before. Learning a variety of mindfulness strategies can help kids manage in the classroom and beyond.  What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness means…

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10 Books to Help Kids Understand the Refugee Experience

a post with 10 recommended picture books about the refugee experience

With the fastest-growing refugee crisis underway, we turn to picture books to help kids understand the refugee experience and encourage them to open their hearts to help. Combined with thoughtful and appropriate discussions, these stories can help students think critically, develop empathy, and inspire kindness.  Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. By clicking through and…

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Teach Kids How to Say Hello in Different Languages Around the World

how to say hello around the world

Whether traveling to another country, shopping at an international market, or meeting a new friend, learning to say hello in different languages is a great way to connect with others. Exploring global languages is an important learning activity for children, and “Hello” is a great place to start! Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. By…

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Download a Free Interactive Me on a Map Flip Book Today

free printable me on a map flipbook

Me on a Map? Are your students able to locate their place in the world? Can they demonstrate a basic understanding of world geography? From knowing their address to identifying the planets, kids need this important foundation for future global learning experiences. Download our free interactive Flip Book, and continue reading to learn how we…

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5 Important Book Categories for Classroom Library and Why Kids Need Them

5 important books categories for classroom library

Books play a powerful role in teaching, connecting, and inspiring students and the importance of including diverse books in a classroom library cannot be overstated.  Diverse books offer multiple perspectives, promote understanding, develop an awareness of the world, and encourage engagement in solving local and global issues.  We use 5 categories for classroom library to support…

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7 Earth Tales From Around the World

These 7 Earth Tales From Around the World share the unique connection between the natural world and cultures of the past – and remind us of our important work as the caretakers of today. A hands-on craft project for each tale provides an opportunity for further discussion and inspiration for additional activities. Disclosure: This post…

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