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10 Books to Help Kids Understand the Refugee Experience

a post with 10 recommended picture books about the refugee experience

With the fastest-growing refugee crisis of our lives underway, we turn to picture books to help kids understand the refugee experience and to encourage them to open their hearts to help. These stories, combined with thoughtful and appropriate discussions, can help students think critically, develop empathy, and inspire kindness.  Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.…

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Download a Free Interactive Me on a Map Flip Book Today

free printable me on a map flipbook

Me on a Map? Are your students able to locate their place in the world? Can they demonstrate a basic understanding of world geography? From knowing their address to identifying the planets, kids need this important foundation for future global learning experiences. Download our free interactive Flip Book, and continue reading to learn how we…

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5 Important Book Categories for Classroom Library and Why Kids Need Them

5 important books categories for classroom library

Books play a powerful role in teaching, connecting, and inspiring students and the importance of including diverse books in a classroom library cannot be overstated.  Diverse books offer multiple perspectives, promote understanding, develop an awareness of the world, and encourage engagement in solving local and global issues.  We use 5 categories for classroom library to support…

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Gifts for Globe Trottin’ Kids

gift ideas for the globally-minded

We’ve curated a variety of gift ideas for the Globe Trottin’ Kids in your life and for any time of the year – holidays, birthdays, baby showers, special celebrations, or just because. 💝 Our Global Gift Guide features products that engage, inspire, and connect kids to their world from birth. Littlest Globe Trotters  Soothing multicultural…

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Global Kids Activity Deck

Global Kids Activity Deck

The Global Kids activity deck is a helpful tool for raising the next generation of global citizens in the home, classroom, and beyond! Engage kids with more than 50 crafts, food, recipes, games, festivals, and community service activities from around the world. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. By clicking through and making a purchase,…

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Inti Raymi: Peru’s Festival of the Sun

Inti Raymi: Peru's Festival of the Sun

Inti Raymi, Peru’s Festival of the Sun, takes place every year in Cusco on June 24 (the winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere). People come from all over the world to witness a spectacular tribute to the sun. This post contains affiliate links. By clicking through and making a purchase, we receive a small commission…

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My Place in My World: A Geography Flipbook

Read Your World Holi

Welcome to the Leap Into Learning Blog Hop! We’ve joined a group of teacher-bloggers to offer a variety of FREE classroom resources. Each of us is sharing one free product that can be used at any time of the year. Grab a total of 23 freebies by hopping to each blog until you end up back here.…

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Explore World Geography Through Puzzles

Geography Puzzles

World geography puzzles provide an opportunity to lay the early foundation for global citizenship while practicing important development skills. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, we receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. Thank you for supporting our global education mission. Puzzles are engaging…

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Map the Story: A World of Cookies for Santa

A World of Cookies for Santa

Follow Santa’s Christmas Eve journey to visit children around the world and learn about a variety of holiday traditions and the sweet treats that await his arrival. A World of Cookies for Santa: Follow Santa’s Tasty Trip Around the World by M.E. Furman is a fun mix of geography and culture with beautiful digital collages…

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