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Celebrate Canada Day!

What is Canada Day?

Canada Day is a national holiday celebrating the country’s independence from Great Britain in 1867. The new nation, still loyal to Great Britain, was called the Dominion of Canada and consisted of only four provinces ((Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Quebec).

Now, there are 10 provinces and 3 territories. At first, the holiday was called Dominion Day, but in 1982 Canada gained complete independence from Great Britain and it was renamed Canada Day

It is a day for Canadians everywhere to show pride in their country’s history and culture.

While it may be referred to as Canada’s birthday, it is important to acknowledge and celebrate the country’s indigenous culture and its important role in its rich history before 1867.

Celebrate Canada Day
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When is Canada Day?

It takes place every year on July 1.

How is Canada Day Celebrated?

Canada Day celebrations take place throughout the country and across the globe. Parades, outdoor concerts, barbecues, fireworks, festivals, flag displays, and wearing red and white – the national colors of Canada, are all popular ways the day (or weekend) is celebrated.

It is also a day for citizenship ceremonies for the country’s newest citizens. Concerts and cultural displays are held on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario -the nation’s capital.

Resources & Activities to Celebrate and Learn More About Canada

  • Visit our Country Profile page for a detailed map of Canada, a photo gallery, an infographic, national symbols, an informational video, learning activities, and more!
  • Listen to the Canadian National Anthem. The song “O Canada” was officially made the national anthem on Canada Day, 1980.

  • Have some fun in the kitchen, and make a Canada Day recipe to celebrate. Chatelaine offers 14 Classic Canadian Recipes: Lobster rolls, poutine, caesars, bannock…
  • Make a Canada Day wreath, handprint flag, or Canadian beaver puppet. Meraki Lane has rounded up 25 Crazy Fun Canada Day Crafts for Kids to pick from.
  • Free printable coloring pages to inspire children learning about Canada or celebrating Canada Day.
  • Canada Research Project for kids encourages investigation into the country’s geography and culture. Following written directions, kids complete a variety of activities related to maps, the flag, important people, food, sports, and more. Makes a great artifact to share and keep!