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Celebrate the Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. Through Song

The album is framed around the civil rights leader’s message of looking to peoples’ hearts and not to the external trappings of race, religion, or language.

Disclosure: We received a complimentary copy of this CD for review purposes; however, all opinions are our own.

The award-winning CD features the popular “I Have A Dream” song celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life and legacy. His vision for a world of respect and dignity for all people is a beautiful message to be shared all year long.

Other songs included on the album are 

  • Beautiful Rainbow World – celebrating humanity’s collective beauty 
  • The Spirit Song – speaking about knowing and following your inner spirit
  • For All The World’s Children – sharing Daria’s own “wishes and hopes for every little being that gets to visit this planet.”

Songs in Zulu, Hebrew, Spanish, and more languages are featured, along with traditional instruments such as authentic bone and shell rattles (Native American) and frame drums (Middle Eastern).

Songs from this album are also currently being used around the world in a “Teaching Tolerance” curriculum in South Africa and a “Respecting Others” curriculum in Australia.

Sing along, dance, and CELEBRATE Martin Luther King’s message of love, acceptance, and inclusion.

Print the “I Have A Dream” Free Lyric Sheet

Add I Have A Dream to any of your favorite playlists with these direct links:

Purchase a digital download of the entire CD here. Liner notes with all lyrics are included in the zip file as well.

Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Through Song

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