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Diversity Calendar

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Did you know that there is a festival in Spain in which thousands of people gather in the streets to throw tons of over-ripe tomatoes?  It is called La Tomatina, and it is held on the last Wednesday of August every year.

Did you know that World Wildlife Day, World Day of Prayer, and World Poetry Day all happen in the same month?  (It’s the same month as Sweden’s Waffle Day!)

Did you know that Children’s Day is celebrated in more than 45 countries on June 1?

Kid World Citizen’s Diversity Calendar will keep you up-to-date with all of this and much, much more!   For any parent or teacher wanting to bring cultural awareness and global learning into their home or classroom, this is an essential resource.

The calendar features

  • multicultural and ethnic festivals
  • religious holy days from all major religions
  • environmental days to celebrate and honor our planet
  • United Nations International Days such as “Global Youth Service Day“
  • fun holidays that celebrate friendship, empathy, and kindness

Print the calendar and/or add the events to your personal calendar for easy reference.  Do an internet search to learn more and to plan related activities.  For example…

La Tomatina Festival


Photo Credit:  Mike Jamieson

Read about the history and traditions of La Tomatina, and watch a brief video.

Geography: Find Spain on a map. What continent is it on?  What country is west of Spain?  Northeast of Spain?  What body of water is east of Spain? What is the capital of Spain?
Find the town of Buñol (west of Valencia).
Journal Writing: Invent a new food fight celebration.  Instead of using tomatoes, what food would you use and why?  Describe the event and add an illustration.
Math: Survey the class to see who would want to participate in La Tomatina.  Record the data and graph the results.
Further research:  Investigate other food fights around the world (i.e. The Battle of the Oranges in Ivrea, Italy).

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