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Download a Free Interactive Me on a Map Flip Book Today

Me on a Map?

Are your students able to locate their place in the world? Can they demonstrate a basic understanding of world geography?

From knowing their address to identifying the planets, kids need this important foundation for future global learning experiences.

Download our free interactive Flip Book, and continue reading to learn how we use it and to find supporting resources.

download a free me on the map flip book

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Me on a Map Introduction

We start introducing the “me on a map” concept at the beginning of the year using a variety of picture books.

Starting in their home, and then zooming out with a bird’s eye-view to their city, state, country, continent, and planet students begin to understand just how small our own slice of the world is.

Me on a Map Flip Book

Next, students complete their Me on a Map Flip Book to record their own place in the world. Starting with the concrete (their home) and moving to the abstract (space), students create a helpful reference tool they can use all year long.

free printable flip book

Directions: Print, cut & staple across the top!

Me on a Map Additional Resources

After students complete a section of the flip book with their own information, we dive deeper into each topic through additional books and activities. (Suggestions below. Be sure to Pin It! for later!)

For example, we compare different types of homes from around the world, learn interesting facts about global cities and U.S. states, discover the diversity of countries and continents, and explore the characteristics of Earth and other planets.

We like to leave resources accessible to the students – encouraging individual and small-group investigations.


✪ Read/Listen/Watch Homes of the WorldTIME for Kids

✪ Construct models of different homes using materials around the room or a building set like K’NEX.


cities of the world books for kids

✪ Click here for a quick refresher on the difference between towns and cities.

✪ Compare the town or city you live in with a global city you read about. How are they similar? What makes them different?


Add in Puzzles & Games for some hands-on learning!


books for exploring countries of the world

✪ Explore countries on our website, and give the challenges a try!

Nigeria activities for kids

✪ Learn about more countries with National Geographic Kids.


✪ Learn the continents through song.
✪ Learn the continents through art. (Pause the video to provide enough time to keep up.)


✪ Explore the planets on the NASA Science website. Click the “More” tab at the bottom of the page to get an overview and interesting facts. So much good stuff to discover!

✪ Create a Solar System coloring book with these NASA Coloring Pages.