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Russia Research Project

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Grade Level(s): 2-5

Resource Type: Research Project

Total Pages: 59

Answer Key & Rubric: Included

File Type: PDF

Students are the explorers in this country research project.*

Using books and websites, including our own kid-friendly country profile page, students investigate the geography and culture of Russia.

The Russia Research Project includes

  • Draft Book for guiding young explorers through the research process – providing step-by-step directions and graphic organizers to record information about a variety of topics. (See below)
  • Project Templates that offer students a fun and creative way to share their discoveries through a final product (interactive notebook, poster, etc.).
  • Choice Menu Board with additional activities to choose from – such as preparing a dish and reading a folktale.
  • 4-Point Rubric for the students to review their final product before sharing it and for the teachers to assess the final product after the student shares it.
  • An Answer Guide that provides possible answers for the Draft Book.
  • A Globe Trottin’ Kids Passport & a Russia “stamp


  • Draft Book: identify the country’s location on a world map and continent map; complete a compass rose, country map, and map key
  • Templates: maps

Quick Facts

  • Draft Book: record information about the country’s population, area, climate, products, and currency
  • Template: interactive wheel


  • Draft Book: color the country’s flag and describe the meaning of its color(s) and symbol(s)
  • Template: country flag


  • Draft Book: learn common words and phrases in the country’s official language
  • Template: vocabulary flaps


  • Draft Book: choose dishes to create a menu for a day
  • Template: menu


  • Draft Book: record traditional clothing for males and females
  • Template: paper dolls


  • Draft Book: list popular sports and activities
  • Template: soccer ball


  • Draft Book: identify and classify by species
  • Template: pocket and example strips

Influential People

  • Draft Book: describe the important contributions of individuals
  • Template: picture frames

Holidays & Celebrations

  • Draft Book: complete a 4 Ws (what, when, where, why) and 1 H (how) chart
  • Template: Save the Date cards

Globe Trottin’ Kids country research projects can be completed as a class, in cooperative learning groups, or as an independent learning center.

  • Develop geographical and cultural awareness.
  • Build cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.
  • Encourage further investigation of global topics.
  • Introduce beginning research skills through a guided process.
  • Inspire creativity with an engaging personalized project.
  • Practice communication skills with a presentation of their final product.

This product does not include information about the country. The student gathers the information through investigation.

Russia Research Preview

Russia Research Preview

Russia Research Preview