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Explore & Celebrate World Wildlife Day

The United Nations’ World Wildlife Day, held annually on March 3, is a global celebration of the beautiful and diverse forms of wild animals and plants on our planet.

It’s also an opportunity for raising awareness of the many benefits they provide to people and to drive discussions and work towards transformative change on the urgent threats facing them.

World Wildlife Day

Celebrate World Wildlife Day

  • Show your support by sharing a photo with a WWD 2020 Action Card on social media. #WorldWildlifeDay #WWD2020 #SustainingAllLife #Biodiversity2020 #SustainableUse

World Wildlife Day.  World Wildlife Day

  • Donate to or volunteer with a local or global conservation project.
  • Explore national parks, botanical gardens, aquariums, etc.
  • Learn and teach others about our world’s plants and wild animals.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Animal Toolkits

Choose from a variety of toolkits featuring information guides and activities about some of WWF’s priority species and conservation goals. Through these subject-integrated lessons, students will learn how their actions help shape the future of nature.

The Tiger Toolkit provides a resource guide and six activities around this iconic species, the threats they face, and what we can do to protect tigers for generations to come.

Tiger Toolkit

Additional animal toolkits include freshwater dolphins, elephants, polar bears, and monarch butterflies. Other topics such as ocean conservation and biodiversity are also provided.

WWF Conservation in the Classroom

Bring conservation and science to life with a virtual visit from an explorer in the field. The free 45-minute events highlight the work being done to protect species and habitats around the world.

Quiz: Test Your Endangered Species Knowledge

Learn about some of the animals threatened in the United States and around the world.

Use the information to help educate students about endangered species, habitat loss, and conservation efforts around the world.