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Explore South Africa: A Country Research Project for Kids

Kids will love exploring the beautiful country of South Africa and creating a book or a poster to share what they learned.

South Africa



Cut and paste the printables to make a book or poster about South Africa. (The following numbers correspond to the numbers on the printable.)

  1. Passport Stamp
  2. Sawubona is a common greeting in Zulu – one of the 11 official languages in South Africa.
  3. Color South Africa’s flag. FlagpediaFullSizeRender
  4. Complete the compass rose and map key. Label South Africa’s neighboring countries and bodies of water.  Fill in the map using the symbols from the map key. Kids Brittanica Map
  5. Identify the population, area, climate, and products of South Africa.
  6. Label and color South Africa’s currency.  Use an online currency converter to see how much it equals in your country’s currency.
  7. Decorate the cutouts in traditional South African clothing (draw and color or cut and paste paper or fabric).
  8. Draw a picture of a typical South African meal on the plate.  Write a brief description.
  9. Learn about South Africa’s 11 official languages.  Make a mini-dictionary of some words.

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