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Gifts for Globe Trottin’ Kids

We’ve curated a variety of gift ideas for the Globe Trottin’ Kids in your life and for any time of the year – holidays, birthdays, baby showers, special celebrations, or just because. 💝

Our Global Gift Guide features products that engage, inspire, and connect kids to their world from birth.

  • Littlest Globe Trotters  Soothing multicultural lullabies, homemade baby food, and onesies that make a statement!  
  • Books  Explore incredible places, discover amazing animals, and compare folk tales from around the world.
  • Puzzles & Games  Play ancient games like mancala and pachisi, piece together a puzzle, and test your global knowledge.
  • Toys  Investigate the great outdoors, build a Lego London Skyline, and make origami.
  • Art, Music & Cooking  Draw, paint, and create; shake, rattle, and roll; eat, drink, and enjoy!  
  • Activity Books & Stickers  Look-and-find, coloring, mazes, and sticker fun. 
  • Travel  Pack up for an adventure near or far.
  • Clothing & Accessories  Show your support in style!

Disclosure: Our Global Gift Guide contains affiliate links. By clicking through and making a purchase, we receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. All proceeds help support our free global education website. Thank you!