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I’m an Immigrant too! Review & Activities

I’m an Immigrant too! by award-winning author, Mem Fox is a celebration of the cultural diversity in her native Australia (where this book is published as I’m an Australian too!).

This timely book is a great way to teach kids about multiculturalism, community, and compassion.

I'm an Immigrant too


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I’m an Immigrant too!  is narrated by children who live in Australia, but whose families are originally from other countries.

Written in rhyme, each child shares where their family is from, where they live now, and how they have found happiness living the “Aussie” way.

I'm an Immigrant, too

A world map at the beginning of the book is helpful for locating the countries the families came from, and a map of Australia at the end of the book aids in identifying the different cities they live in now.

Click here to learn the inspiration behind the book and to listen to Mem Fox read it aloud.

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Book Discussion

Discuss some of the reasons people have to leave or flee their homes, including examples from the book (famine, war, better opportunities).

Ask students what they think would be the hardest part about moving to a different country?

Share ways that families, communities, and countries can be welcoming to immigrants.

Class Book or Display

Explore and celebrate the cultural diversity in your classroom.

Encourage students to learn and share immigration stories from their own families’ experiences (while being mindful they may not want to).

Create a class book or wall display to show where your students and their families are originally from using our free printable.

world map printable

Author Study

Learn about award-winning children’s author, Mem Fox here.

Print our Biography Organizer to help students record important information.

Biography Organizer

Browse more titles by Mem Fox. Learn the story behind each book (great for identifying the author’s purpose) and listen to an audio of the book (fun for practicing listening comprehension).

Explore Australia

  • Visit our interactive map, and click on Australia. The country profile page features a detailed map, photo gallery, infographic, national symbols, books, and more!
  • Advance Australia Fair is the country’s national anthem. Learn more, and listen to it here.
  • Investigate the Southern Cross – a constellation of five stars that are represented on the Australian flag.
  • Learn unique Aussie words and phrases. Use them in a sentence, and ask students to guess their meaning using context clues.
  • Engage young explorers with our Australia Research Project. Students complete a variety of activities as they learn about the geography and culture of Australia, and create a final product to share and keep.

Australia Research Project