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Mandela Day: 67 Minutes of Service

“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” –Nelson Mandela

67 minutes For Mandela
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What is Mandela Day? 

It’s a global celebration of former South African president Nelson Mandela’s life and his contributions to peace and freedom.

Mandela Day is also a “Call for All” to recognize their ability to have an impact in their communities. #MandelaDay #67Minutes

When is Mandela Day?

It is celebrated each year on July 18, Nelson Mandela’s birthday.

How is Mandela Day Celebrated?

To honor Nelson Mandela’s 67 years of public service, people around the world are being asked to designate 67 minutes of their time to make a difference in the lives of others.

What will you do to answer his global call to service? #67Minutes

Here are just some ways you can make today, and every day, a #MandelaDay:

  • Organize a food or clothing drive.
  • Make sandwiches to give to the homeless.
  • Clean up a local park.
  • Arrange a visit to a nursing home.
  • Help an elderly neighbor with a chore or an errand.
  • Volunteer to help young children read or play a sport.
  • Make cookies for the police or fire department.
  • Make a donation to a local charity.
Mandela Day

Books & Activities About Nelson Mandela and South Africa

  • Grandad Mandela (Ages 6-12) Zindzi Mandela tells her curious grandchildren Zazi and Ziwelene the story of their great-grandfather Nelson Mandela.
  • Nelson Mandela: From Prisoner to President (Ages 7-9) This biography documents his journey from student to revolutionary to inmate to the first black president of South Africa.

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