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Sprinkle your summer activities with cultural learning.

Introduce and celebrate the beautiful diversity in our world through books, food and fun!

Sprinkle your Summer with Culture

READ!  Head to the library or your local bookstore. Choose books that feature diverse characters and communities and that offer a look into other experiences and cultures.

Read Around the World Summer Reading Series  Recommended books for the whole family, by the bloggers of Multicultural Kid Blogs (& friends!)

Diversity Book Lists & Activities for Teachers and Parents  and Diversity Children’s Book Reviews from Multicultural Children’s Book Day.

We Need Diverse Books Summer Reading Series Posting a new “If You Liked” suggestion every day of the summer.

Diverse Summer Reading List from Lee & Low Books. This list includes both fiction and nonfiction, bilingual Spanish/English titles, and a diverse range of cultures.

Join or create a book club!

Read the World Summer Book Club explores the world one book at a time. Using Give Your Child the World by Jamie C. Martin as a resource guide, readers choose one book each week from a different part of the world. Registering for the Book Club includes printables (regional maps, reading log, motivational coupons, and a certificate of completion) and links to extra materials (recipes, video clips, and more).

Give Your Child the World

PLAY!  Introduce geographical and cultural awareness through games, music, dance, and art – perfect activities for playdates and rainy days.


Children all over the world enjoy playing traditional games like tag, hopscotch, tic-tac-toe, and dominoes. However, the names of the games, how they are played, and the materials they use may be different.

Games Around the World

Games Around the World provides students the opportunity to explore and compare a variety of games that children just like them are playing around the globe. Great for a family game night too! Includes 35 game cards representing 23 countries, a world map to track the games you’ve played, and extension activities.

Music & Dance

World Music for Children Travel Around the World in Song with Daria, and learn about instruments, watch videos, listen to songs, make crafts, and more.

Kid World Citizen shares 25 music videos from around the globe. Try some new moves!

Arts & Crafts

Crafts, Crafts, and More Crafts. Check these out: Art Projects for Kids, KinderArt, Multicultural Kids’ Crafts.

COOK!  Try some new recipes, and learn about food in other countries.

Start the day with a crumpet, babka, or one of these breakfasts from around the world.

Look at these photos of school lunches around the world.  Have children identify some of the healthy options to include in their own lunches.

Meet 24 families from around the globe that share what they eat in a given week.  Locate each country on a map or globe. Discuss the similarities and differences.

Read 20 Delectable Cuisines of the World to Tickle Your Taste Buds.  Design a menu for a themed dinner or weekend party. Print or post the menu for your guests.

EXPLORE!  Whether it’s on a screen or through personal experiences, offer a variety of opportunities for kids to continue exploring and learning all summer long!

Globe Trottin’ Kids  Our interactive world map links to country profile pages with infographics, photographs, national symbols, activities and more!

Student resource links provide lots of ways for kids to learn about world geography and cultures. Topics include world flags, currencies, current events, virtual field trips, panoramic world photography, and more!

globe trottin' kids website

Head to the zoo. Before you go, print a world map and have your child color and label the oceans. During your visit, use the map to record where some of your favorite animals are from. Use tally marks, draw pictures, or list examples. For older students, print individual continent maps and staple them together to make a booklet. At home, kids can make a book, poster, or presentation about the Animals of Our World.

Visit a museum. Natural history, traditional history, art, science, children’s, etc. Look for exhibits featuring global topics. (We enjoyed a recent visit to a Vikings exhibit.) At home, kids can write and illustrate a description of their experience. Create a “Summer Field Trip” album.

Attend a local cultural celebration. Experience music, dance, crafts, food, and traditions from other cultures. Take lots of pictures to remember the event. Our annual favorite is the local Greek Festival.


Share some of the ways you plan to sprinkle your summer with culture.

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