Sprinkle Your Summer With Culture


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Include books that feature diverse characters and communities and that offer a look into other experiences and cultures.  Here are a few wonderful resources to guide you:

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  • Meet 24 families from around the globe that share what they eat in a given week.  Locate each country on a map or globe. Discuss the similarities and differences.

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  • Visit the zoo.  Learn what continents the animals are from.  Before you go, print a world map and have your child color and label the oceans.  As you visit the animals, record what continent some of your favorites live on.  Use tally marks, draw pictures, or list examples on the back of the map.  IMG_0483For older students, print individual continent maps and staple them together to make a booklet.  At home:  make a book, poster, or presentation about the Animals of Our World.
  • Attend a local cultural celebration. Experience the music, dance, crafts, food, and traditions from another culture.  My annual favorite is our local Greek Festival.


  • Watch a video.  Learn about the tombs of ancient Egypt, Diwali: Festival of Lights, Terra Cotta Warriors and more at National Geographic Kids.  Have kids create an artifact to share what they learned.
  • Visit a museum.  Natural history, traditional history, art, science, children’s, etc.  At home:  write and draw about the experience.  Compile into a “field trip” album.

What are some ways you plan to sprinkle your summer with culture?

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