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The Magical Adventures of Sophie Sue – Book 1: Robbie the Rhino

The Magical Adventures of Sophie Sue is a series of children’s books written and illustrated by Stef Albert.

The Magical Adventures of Sophie Sue

Described as a “rescue mission with a positive message,” a dachshund named Sophie Sue and her animal friends travel around the globe (land, air, and sea) to help other animals in need.  During each adventure, the reader is introduced to important topics while learning interesting facts about our diverse world.

The series carries a strong message of kindness to animals and includes important lessons such as following your dreams, greed vs. gratitude, physical challenges, the responsibilities of pet ownership, and more.

The Magical Adventures of Sophie Sue

Disclosure: We received a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes; however, all opinions are our own. This post contains affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, we receive a small commission at no extra charge to you.

Before Reading Activities

  • Print the Sophie Sue discussion guide.
  • Locate South Africa on a map or globe. Identify what continent it is on (emphasizing that Africa is NOT a country), its neighboring countries, and what oceans surround it.
  • Distinguish between the continent of Africa and the country of South Africa. #africaisnotacountry
  • Introduce vocabulary:  endangered, safari, bushveld

Book 1: Robbie the Rhino

The Magical Adventures of Sophie Sue

In the first book of the series, readers travel to South Africa with Sophie Sue and her animal friends as they attempt to rescue Robbie Rhino and his parents.  Topics include the endangered status of rhinos, African animals, and a bit of South African culture.

The story begins with Sophie Sue’s sparkling Magic Ball sending her a message. She looks into the ball and sees a baby rhino in South Africa that needs help. His parents have been taken by thieves. The team learns that rhinos are endangered and they decide they want to go help!

Readers are sure to enjoy the description of Sophie Sue’s transformation (hint… Weiner-Copter) while learning some introductory facts about Africa and South Africa as the team starts their adventure.


The excitement builds as the team arrives on the scene and works together to catch the thieves.  The author’s use of sounds to describe the action makes it fun for younger listeners to participate in the reading – “Brrrrm” (revving the engine), “Psssst, pfffff” (tires collapsing), “ka-bang” (truck crashing).

During the mission, stop and ask students what they would do, or would recommend one of the characters do to catch the thieves.  Remind them to consider the unique qualities of each animal. “How might the ostrich use his strong and fast legs?”  Continue reading, and change or confirm predictions along the way.

After completing their mission, the team celebrates, learns how to say thank you in two different South African languages, and heads back to Freedom Farm in Ghumpa Ghog…  until their next adventure.

The Magical Adventures of Sophie Sue

The book comes with character stickers and a Sophie Sue bookmark.

Explore more titles in the series, and follow along on rescue missions around the world as the friends travel to

  • India to rescue elephants from hard labor and thirst
  • Germany to rescue a puppy in Frankfurt
  • Milan to rescue a Mina Mouse from a pet shop
  • Croatia to save a crab named Caspar
  • Paris to rescue captured animals from a mean Circus Master
  • Barcelona to rescue Bartolo Bull from a bullfight

Become a Sophie Sue Ambassador!  A Note from the Author

“Sophie Sue is dedicated to bringing joy and fun to lesser fortunate and sick children around the world. We care deeply about those in hospitals, with special needs, orphaned or challenged.  Spreading the message about kindness and goodwill and bringing happiness to children is the very essence of The Magical Adventures of Sophie Sue. If you would like to volunteer and read to lesser fortunate or sick children in hospitals in your area, please contact us! We also welcome any suggestions you may have about bringing Sophie Sue and her animal friends to those in need. Drop us a note and become a Sophie Sue Ambassador! We will send you a copy of one of the stories to read and spread the love of Sophie Sue.”