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While children all over the world go to school, the way they get there can be very different.

Early morning commutes to school vary depending on where you live and the resources that are available.

And some of the ways children get to school illustrate the sheer determination they have just to get there!

Ask students to share how they got to school this morning.

Take a look at some of the different ways children around the world go to school in this video. Discuss the similarities, differences, challenges, benefits, etc.

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This is the Way We Go to School – A Book About Children Around the World 

Read about some of the different ways children all over the world go to school through this fun rhyming text by Edith Baer and beautifully illustrated watercolor sketches by Steve Bjorkman.

Geared for the primary grades, this book is a great introduction to world geography (a map is included in the book) and cultural diversity.This is the Way We Go to School

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Integrated Lesson Plan

Our FREE printables include geography, writing, and graphing activities.This is the Way We Go to School

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