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What Does It Mean to Be Global?

What does it mean to be global?

Start this important conversation in your home or classroom with the help of Rana DiOrio’s book, What Does It Mean to Be Global?

Through simple text and beautiful illustrations, young learners will discover that being global means being a citizen of the world.

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What Does It Mean to Be Global? Discussion Guide

This book doesn’t have page numbers so for the purpose of this post, we’ll refer to the two-page spread after the title page as pages 1 and 2, and go from there. (Page 2 is “Does it mean having a globe? No.”).

Introduce the title, and share the cover of the book. Ask students what they think it means to be global.  

  • pages 1-6  Identify the ways the kids on page 6 are being global. What are some other ways to learn about the world?
  • page 7  Practice the different ways to say “Hello”- in English, Greenlandic, French, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Hebrew, Swahili, Portuguese, and Spanish. Do you know any other ways to say “Hello?”
  • page 8  Identify different types of instruments in the illustration. Can you name others?
  • pages 9 & 10  Guess where these places are. Cite the clues that helped you.
  • page 11  What foods do you recognize?
  • pages 12 – 14   What symbols and traditions/celebrations are represented in these pictures? What other cultural traditions do you know?
  • page 15  Name some characteristics that create diversity.
  • page 16  What character traits do you think are important to be a good global citizen?
  • page 17  What are the symbols of respect in this picture? Share other ways that you show respect.
  • page 18  In addition to the two ideas shown on this page, what other ways can you provide service to others?
  • page 19  This sentence ties back to the title question. Stop and discuss what students have learned.
  • page 20  This is a great page filled with important vocabulary. For additional practice, see the activity suggestions below.
  • pages 21  & 22  Identify the ways these people are being global.
  • pages 23 & 24  Discuss the meaning and impact of the last sentence, “If we can all be global, our world will be even more interesting and exciting!”

What Does It Mean to be Global?

What Does It Mean to Be Global? Activities

  • Little Pickle Press, the book’s publisher, offers three lesson plans to supplement the book and its message. Each project includes background information, objectives, a focal activity with guiding questions, a classroom activity, an extension activity, and a community project.  In addition, there are character building connections and additional online resources. Get your FREE download here.
What Does It Mean To Be Global?

                                                      Free Lesson Plans from Little Pickle Press

  • The vocabulary words on page 20 are important for kids to understand. Display the page to share the words and definitions, and discuss each one in-depth. Share examples and role-play situations to help students make connections.
  • Reinforce the vocabulary with this partner game: Each student folds a piece of paper into sixths, then cuts along the fold lines – making six rectangles from each sheet of paper (for a total set of 12 rectangle cards per partner group). Each partner group writes the six words and six definitions on their set of 12 cards. They turn the cards face down on the table and mix them up. Then, taking turns, they turn over two cards. If the word and definition match, the player keeps those cards. If they don’t match, it is the other player’s turn. Play until all cards are matched. The player with the most cards is the winner.
  • Create a class poster, “What Does It Mean to Be Global?” 

What Does It Mean to be Global?

  • Begin a “Hello” poster to display different ways to say hello, and use it as a reference for morning greetings throughout the year.
  • Narrative Writing Prompt: Describe a near and a far place you have traveled to. Explain why it was special to you. Add illustrations. Share in small groups.
  • Expository Writing Prompt: What does it mean to be global? Answer this question in paragraph form. Include a topic sentence, supporting details, and a conclusion that ties it all together.
  • Listen to the What Does It Mean To Be Global song.

What Does it Mean to Be Global

This wonderful book is also available in French and Spanish!