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Yoga Activities for Kids and Grownups

Yoga Activities for Kids and Grownups

Calm the mind and body, improve patience and boost confidence with yoga!

yoga activities for kids and grownups

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Yoga Pretzels is a deck containing 50 fun yoga activities for kids and grownups.

Forward bends, backbends, partner poses, and balance poses… there’s something for everyone and for all abilities!

Yoga PretzelsProduct Dimensions: Box: 5.5 x 7.25 x 1.25 inches; Cards: 4.96 x 6.97 in
Page Count: 50 cards + 8-page booklet   Age Range: Ages 4 years and up

The beautifully illustrated and sturdy cards are categorized into 9 areas of focus so you can create the yoga practice that’s right for you.

  • Breathe – tune in and focus
  • Game – be playful and creative with friends
  • Balance – feel poised, composed, and aligned
  • Stand – become stable, strong, and grounded
  • Forward Bend – reach, release and flex
  • Back Bend – be supple, open, and trustful
  • Twist & Stretch – twist, turn and extend
  • Partner – have fun working together
  • Time In – unwind, rest, and revive

Yoga for Kids

Yoga Pretzels Mini Activity Pack

Try it out with these free printable activities and lessons.

Free Yoga Activities      Free Yoga Lesson Ideas


Yoga Pretzels

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More Yoga Resources for Kids

Yoga Adventures: Bend, Stretch & Pretend

Take some fun and imaginative yoga journeys with Jamaica Stevens of JAMaROO Kids.

Try an African Animals Adventure: Fly to Africa on your own yoga airplane and meet elephants, snakes, and more.

Discover more yoga adventures here, including Enchanted Forest, Riverboat Ride, Sleeping Bunny, and Play Snake.


My Daddy Is a Pretzel

Limber up with this unique, child-friendly yoga book. Created for parents and children to share together, it’s also suitable for adults and older children to use alone.

My Daddy is a Pretzel not only introduces a range of postures, but it also connects the practices to everyday life, showing how families can integrate their yoga with their activities in the world.

My Daddy is a Pretzel

A light-hearted look at yoga, yet one with a lasting message, My Daddy is a Pretzel is a wonderful introduction to yoga for readers of all shapes and sizes.


Putumayo Presents Yoga CD

Putumayo Presents Yoga CD features over 70 minutes of music from around the world – specially selected to foster focus and calm during yoga or meditation.

Putumayo Yoga cd

The Young Yogi Set

Get inspired to integrate yoga into your family’s daily life with My Daddy is a Pretzel, then get in the mood with the Yoga CD and make it happen with the 50 fun yoga activities in the Yoga Pretzels deck!

Young Yogi Set


  • Cosmic Kids Yoga offers a variety of video adventures, including Yoga Quest- where young yogis are guided through 20 yoga adventures, across 5 different lands!

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