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Catch That Goat! A Market Day in Nigeria

Get ready for a fun counting adventure through a Nigerian market!

Catch that Goat!

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Catch that Goat! A Market Day in Nigeria

It all begins when Ayoka is told to watch after the family goat.

Catch that Goat!

And much to Ayoka’s surprise, the goat runs away! Ayoka races through a busy Nigerian market in her community, asking everyone if they’ve seen her goat.

No one seems to have seen it, but they all tell Ayoka that things from their shops are missing.

At first, Mama Kudi is missing a boli (roasted plantain) – she only sees 10. Then a loaf of bread is missing – there are only nine.

The pattern continues as Ayoka races through the market, trying to catch that goat!

Catch that Goat!

When Ayoka finally meets up with her mama, she is in for a big surprise.

In all its mischief, the goat is dressed head to hoof with all the missing items from the market!

Catch that Goat!

Catch that Goat! Activities 

  • Challenge students to find the goat on each spread.
  • Model and practice using context and pictures clues to make predictions throughout the story. What will happen next? Why do you think so? How many items do you think will be on the next page? 
  • Count items featured on the pages. There are lots to have fun with!
  • Compare the Nigerian market to a market in your community. How are they similar? How are they different? Instead of boli, what food might you see being cooked in your market?
  • Ayoka is a young Yoruba girl from Nigeria. Explore the endnotes to learn more about the African country and the Yoruba culture. This is an interesting section to explore.
  • Continue exploring Nigeria. Our website profile page includes a detailed map, video, infographic, photo gallery, activity menu, and more!
  • Get crafty! Make your own mischievous goat!

Catch that Goat!

Draw (or download) an outline of a large goat. Create a template (or several) for kids to trace by printing it on cardstock.

Gather up some fun things for kids to use to decorate their own runaway goat.

Have kids create their own adventure stories explaining the items on their goat (verbal or written).

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Catch that Goat!

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