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Global Learning Resources for Kids

It’s been a great week collaborating with other global educators for our Global Learning in the Elementary Classroom miniseries.

We featured information, resources, and activities to teach our youngest learners about world geography and cultures.

To conclude this series, we’re sharing a round-up of resources for kids to use as they explore and learn about the world.

Global Learning in the Elementary Classroom

Global Learning Resources for Kids

It is important to create plenty of opportunities for kids to learn through their own exploration and play.

Here are some of our favorites. We’re always looking for more to add, so please share your suggestions in the comments.

*Be sure to preview all websites. Prepare “Global Learning” and “Global Games” folders with bookmarked resources.


  • Globe Trottin’ Kids Explore the world using an interactive map. Country profile pages provide an infographic, map, photographs, informational videos, and more. Links to global learning games and websites are included under the “Student” tab.
  • Joy Sun Bear  Join a curious sun bear cub as he travels the world and discovers new cultures. Print fun coloring pages, learn cultural crafts, try new recipes, and lots more!
  • National Geographic Kids  Explore history, science, space and more!
  • AirPano View amazing 360-degree aerial panoramas, photo galleries, and virtual tours from around the world. Fly over Iguazu Falls on the border of Argentina and Brazil or take a grand tour of Moscow, Russia to see 107 panoramas of its most interesting places.

News/Current Events

  • DOGOnews  Current events and articles about the world, environment, sports, social studies, and science. Audio versions are available.


  • World Stories  Read stories from around the world. Choose by language (more than 25) or by story collection (adventure, animal, bedtime, folk, long, short). Register for free to download the MP3 and access resources and lesson plans.
  • International Children’s Digital Library  Discover books from different countries, in different languages. We enjoyed reading the English/Spanish version of “The Silly Chicken”/”El Pollo Bobo” which is also available in Dari/Pashto.


  • Mama Lisa’s World  Listen to songs and rhymes from around the globe (many include videos too). Search by continent, country, language, or type of song (birthday, folk, jump rope rhymes, etc).
  • Daria World Music for Children  Have fun with music! Kids can learn about instruments used around the world, listen to silly songs, and watch videos of recent songs, animations, and more.
  • Putumayo Kids  Stream official Putumayo Playlists on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube & Pandora.


  • Geography Games by Sheppard Software  Investigate tutorials, and play leveled quizzes (from “beginner” to “cartographer”) to learn about capitals, countries, and landscapes of different regions around the globe.  
  • Ducksters Geography Games  Identify U.S. states and world countries, capitals, and flags. Solve crossword puzzles and word searches, and play Geography Hangman and Country Guessing Game.
  • World Geography Games  Test your geographical knowledge with these quizzes about countries, capitals, flags, bodies of water, landforms and other topics.
  • Geography Quiz  Hundreds of free practice questions covering world geography, human geography, maps, and capitals.

Global Learning in the Elementary Classroom Miniseries

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