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What are Pysanky? Pysanky are Easter eggs, decorated with traditional Ukrainian folk art using a wax-resist method. Its name comes from the word “pysaty,” which means “to write.” Pysanka (PIH-san-kah) is the singular form, and pysanky (pih-san-KIH) is the plural form. The designs are created with a kistka, a special stylus that holds liquid wax. The wax is applied to the egg,…

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Orthodox Easter Traditions

Orthodox Christians in Greece, Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and other countries around the world celebrate Orthodox Easter or Pascha. Church services, decorating eggs, playing games, and eating traditional foods are typical parts of the celebration. The Date The Orthodox Church uses the Julian calendar for determining Easter (compared to Western churches using the Gregorian calendar), which usually results in Orthodox Easter falling…

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Catherine's Pascha

As an American married to a Greek, I have been celebrating Pascha (Orthodox Easter) for many years. In our house, family Easter celebrations are a combination of both of our traditions – allowing our children to experience both of our cultures. Easter egg hunts, colorful eggs and baking ham were mixed with flying kites, dying…

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