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Country Research Projects for Young Explorers

Students are guided through a variety of activities for researching the geography and culture of different countries.

The country profile pages on our website make the perfect companion.

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We used the activities to create a keepsake interactive notebook. 

-Audrey W.

The learners loved doing the activities!  Every day they were 100% engaged and sharing the new things learned.

-Susan W.

Perfect for our World Cultures study.

-Christine B.

These units are wonderful.  I have two now and can't wait to add more in my class.

-Dottie H.

The kids were so engaged!  I can't wait to check out the other countries available.  

-Karen H.

So thorough, excellent instructions to teacher and student - great product.

-Patricia P.

Excellent resource for our Global studies. 

-Toni M.

There are a great variety of activities/information, and I especially like the open-ended templates for differentiation.


It was great to see them actively engaged in their own research- much better than me simply presenting a powerpoint on Chile!

-Andrea H.


My students loved using this product and it was easy for them to follow directions to do the research part. Love It!

-Danae B.



I love that it includes so many of my states standards while also allowing kids to learn about a place most had never heard of before.

-Arianna T.









Global Literature and Activities

Integrate diverse books and meaningful activities across content areas.

Click each product for a description and preview.